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Check out Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SANDS) (TFDL 466) to learn more about what GIS and statistical software is available in the library. 

SPSS and Minitab are available in SANDS (TFDL 466), however, a booking is required.

  • For Minitab, a license needs to be added to your username. Students will have to put in a request by emailing before accessing the software at SANDS. 

NVivo and ArcGIS Pro are available in Lab NEXT (TFDL 3rd floor) and TFDL 440B.


Other locations:

SPSS, Stata and MATLAB are available in the Arts IT Lab in SS018. 

In addition, students and faculty can also continue to request an individual licence to SPSS, NVivo and ArcGIS Pro through IT software distribution. Information on creating an ArcGIS account can be found in this KB article.

The Department of Geoscience has Accumap and geoSCOUT in their computer lab. Special permission may be required if you are not a Geoscience student.

For statistical consulting, please contact Research Computing Services (RCS).