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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UCalgary library spaces and access are currently restricted to UCalgary Students, Faculty, and Staff.


All regular loans for all user types (except Cont Ed and UCalgary Associates*) are based on term due dates: January 30, May 30, and September 30. All loans are subject to a recall period.


Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Number of loans: Unlimited

Loan Period: Auto-renew for term loans that have not been recalled


Other - General Associates, Cont Ed, Community, and Alumni:

Number of loans: Up to 50 items at a time

Loan Period: Term loan & no auto-renew. Items that have not been recalled must be renewed through the user's Library Account by the term due date.


*UCalgary Associates due dates are based on their HR Peoplesoft status. Cont Ed due dates are based on their course start and end date.