Last Updated: Aug 16, 2022     Views: 17

Add to Lightbox is a feature in our Digital Collections site that allows you to create your own favourites lists of items in the collection. You can create as many lists as you like and share with collaborators.

To create a Lightbox:

  1. Login to the Digital Collections site:
  2. Search or browse for items of interest.
  3. When you find an item you like, simply select the plus sign from the search results or go to that item and Add to Lightbox.  
  4. Create a new Lightbox if needed for the list you are creating.
  5. Add more items as you find them.
  6. To access your Lightbox(es), select My Lightbox from the top right menu.
  7. To share your list with others, select Manage Collaborators and add collaborator emails.

If you have questions about this feature, or any features in the Digital Collections site, contact