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The Early Alberta Newspapers collection can be searched in multiple ways. Using the search bar or advanced search area returns results based on publication details and/or the full text of the newspaper itself.

Publication details:

Each image/page in this collection has metadata related to the associated Publication. This includes the microfilm reel it is from, the publication or publisher, as well as the date or date range it was published.

Full Text:

A search in the search bar MAY return newspaper images/pages that contain search terms from the newspaper page itself.

Most newspaper images/pages have transcripts generated through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Searching using the search bar will return results where search terms appear in publication details, transcripts, or both. Please note that even when OCR transcripts are available, the quality may be quite poor in some cases. A lack of results from a search does not necessarily mean there are no images/pages that contain your search terms. Likewise, results may not represent ALL newspaper images/pages that contain your search terms.

While a search may lead you to a specific image/page, terms are not highlighted on the page image at this time.

To get the most of your search try using search modifiers or variations on your search. If you don't have luck with a phrased search (example: "University of Calgary Dinos Win!") try a similar search with the most unique terms from the phrase (example: University Calgary Dinos Win).