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The EMI Music Canada digital collection provides access to the corporate audiovisual records from Capitol Music Records of Canada and EMI Music Canada, covering the time period 1949-2012.

Researchers can search and browse by artist or recording, view images of carriers and preview short clips of recordings. If the media has not been migrated yet, you can Add to Cart to prompt a digitization on demand request. Due to copyright restrictions, researchers must request access to listen to or watch full-length recordings. After reviewing each researcher’s request, Archives staff will enable streaming access to specific content for a specified duration of time.

For more details about the EMI AV Preservation Project see our project site.

The Concept: Exploring EMI AV Archival Objects in the collection

Each migrated AV recording is presented as a package that contains high resolution images of the physical media, a preview clip, and a file listing. When you start to listen, see a handwritten note on a label, and see description, you can start picturing the creation of that object in context.


You can discover and access the collection from anywhere. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Some of the full AV Object packages are large. Delivery can happen through the web interface, or users can request access to a desktop app to streamline delivery.

Digital Stewardship

In our digital era, stewardship extends beyond ensuring long term access —it embraces sustainability. Our digital infrastructure integrates our front end digital asset management with our back end digital preservation system to manage data with discernment. Access copies are readily available in the digital collection, while preservation packages are retrieved as necessary. We’re balancing access with environmental and resource considerations in our data storage strategy.

Security and Access

This collection is presented to researchers safely and securely in compliance with Canadian copyright law and support from rightsholders. Orange DAM is our platform for access and delivery. It gives us full control and granular permissions so only permitted access is allowed. We’ve also built in usage guidance and rights literacy throughout the system to help you through the copyright maze.