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Terms and Conditions

A/V Edit Suites can be booked through our online module.

Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before submitting your booking:

  • Maximum occupancy is 2 people
  • The use of the room and all equipment is for academic, non-commercial use.
  • Room and equipment is for Audio/Video recording, editing and research, development and learning. You will be asked to forfeit your reservation if you are using the rooms for reasons other than these.
  • Libraries and Cultural Resources staff reserve the right to enter the A/V Editing Suites at any time and will quietly do so on a regular basis
  • At the beginning of your booking, Library staff will inspect the equipment and technology in the room with you to note any existing damage or irregularities. All damage must be reported at the beginning of your booking to avoid liability. 
  • You are responsible for leaving the room in the same (or better!) condition you found it in.
  • The individual making the booking is responsible for all people using the space, and will be held financially accountable for any damage or loss that occurred during the time of your booking.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Use of equipment that violates the public workstation policy
  • Tampering with or changing the technical equipment, components or default setup
  • Any actions of a lewd or otherwise inappropriate or disruptive nature, including any activity that violates the non-academic misconduct policy
  • Bringing in or consuming of food or drinks
  • Removal of any equipment or furniture from the room
  • Connecting personal devices such as laptops to the equipment